Many of our servicemembers, who have left their families, homes, and jobs for years at a time to serve their country in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other locations, are troubled with legal needs that distract them from their missions and can make their already difficult daily lives even more challenging. These legal needs are arising in the areas of consumer law, family law, landlord-tenant, employment law, and others.

The ABA Military Pro Bono Project connects junior-enlisted, active-duty military personnel and their families to civilian attorneys who will provide free representation for civil legal issues beyond the scope of services provided by military legal assistance offices. The Project accepts case referrals from military legal assistance attorneys (i.e., JAG attorneys) across the country and around the world, and connects these servicemembers with pro bono attorneys throughout the United States.

Register With the Military Pro Bono Project to Help our Servicemembers!

Attorneys may register with the Project on its website,, to potentially provide pro bono legal assistance for income-eligible servicemembers and/or volunteer time to provide general legal advice to military attorneys through Operation Stand-By.

Pro Bono Legal Assistance

An attorney who registers to potentially provide pro bono legal assistance to servicemembers becomes eligible to receive pro bono case opportunities via email from the Project when a servicemember has a case in the attorney’s geographic area and substantive legal area of expertise. Attorneys can also sign up to receive weekly notices to stay up-to-date on the latest case opportunities on behalf of our servicemembers.

Operation Stand-By

An attorney who registers to join Operation Stand-By agrees to be available to receive calls or emails from military attorneys in need of consultation on state-specific legal information relating to the attorney’s area of expertise, so the military attorneys can better assist their servicemember clients. Participation in Operation Stand-By itself does not entail the delivery of pro bono representation. Rather you agree to potentially participate in short attorney-to-attorney phone conversations or emails with military legal assistance attorneys, who will find your contact information and areas of expertise on a password-secured list on the Project’s website made available to military attorneys.

Please visit the ABA Military Pro Bono website,, and, to further explore how you can help our servicemembers receive the legal representation that they need. Contact the ABA Military Pro Bono Director, Mary C. Meixner, at or 312.988.5783 with any questions.